University shutdown from March 16th

IRIF is closed to everyone but all its resources remain remotely available. Its members are doing their best to maintain their administrative duties together with their research, teaching and diffusion activities.

Recommendations for working from home: Télétravail (en temps de confinement) (intranet)
Remote seminars, social events at IRIF, e-learning: Activités en ligne en temps de confinement... (intranet)

University FAQ for students: french or english

Slow re-opening from May 18th

Starting May 18, only few members of IRIF will start to come back to IRIF for small periods of time, in order to do what they cannot do at home.

The new rules are available here: Consignes du plan de reprise progressive d'activités (sur site) (intranet).

Trips and visits

All trips and visits are postponed. Exceptions will be studied case by case. If you are in such a situation, please write to as soon as possible.

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