University shutdown from October 30th 2020

Teleworking for IRIF members is mandatory, unless work cannot be efficiently performed from home. All IRIF ressources remain accessible remotely. IRIF members are maintaining their administrative duties together with their research, teaching and diffusion activities.

The access rules are continuously updated over the intranet (restricted access). Visitors can only access IRIF with the written authorization of the director of IRIF. If needed, please ask your host at IRIF to make such a request (according to the access rules).

Some ressources (with restricted access) over the intranet for teleworking:

University FAQ for students: french or english

Trips and visits

Visits rules depend on each institution/country. Contact your host at IRIF in advance if you want to visit IRIF. IRIF members's trips are allowed mainly in France and UE. See details on the intranet (restricted access).

All trips abroad of IRIF members outside the European Union or in risk areas in Europe should be postponed as much as possible, unless in cases of proven necessity.

External sources