ERC Project CombiTop -- New Interactions of Combinatorics Through Topological Expansions

1- General information

The 5-year project CombiTop, funded by the ERC (Starting Grant 2016, 1.08M€) will start on March 1st, 2017. It is centered around, but not limited to, the combinatorics of maps on surfaces, and more precisely the combinatorics arising in topological expansions (roughly speaking, 2D counting problems where the dependence on the genus invariants play a central role). The main goal is to study the interactions between: the bijective approach to maps; random maps and Brownian maps; the "combinatorics of fermions", tau functions, symmetric group algebra and algebraic combinatorics; the combinatorics of the topological recursion. Each of these topics features some remarkable integrability properties as well as some beautiful combinatorial constructions, and the main goal of the project is to seek for a greater unification of these theories, including their combinatorial aspects.

2- Postdoc positions

The project offers one (or more) postdoctoral position of one year with a possible extension to two years. The starting date is not fixed. The successful applicant will join the Combinatorics group of the IRIF department. There is no teaching duty.

The salary offered will be around 28000 euros per year (net). We will also provide the postdoc with a generous amount of travel money and a laptop if necessary.

The candidate should have a strong background in at least one of the following subjects: enumerative combinatorics, probability theory, mathematical physics, algebraic combinatorics. His/her research interests should be related to the themes of the project. Possible research themes include: random maps, random trees, map enumeration, algebraic combinatorics, integrable systems.

Université Paris Diderot is located downtown Paris and interacts with many other research institutions, in particular CEA, École Polytechnique, École Normale Supérieure, Orsay, Marne-La-Vallée. Many research seminars make the working environment very stimulating.

There will be a first round of applications considered until Dec 31st. Applications (including CV, list of publications and short description of research interests), as well as the names of two people who can submit letters of recommendation, should be sent before Dec 31st, 2016 by e-mail to Applicants are expected to have a PhD in computer science, mathematics or theoretical physics when the position starts.

3- Summary of data

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Applications must be sent to Please also include a few words (or more) explaining why you are interested. Please include "CombiTop Postdoc" in the subject of your mail.