Here is a Link to a map with the place of the conference, the place of Adrian's gallery, and a few hotels nearby.


The conference will take place in the Turing Amphitheater of the Sophie Germain building (the building of Maths and CS) at University Paris-7. The place is not difficult to reach by public transportation. Metro line 14 and RER line C have the nearest stop (Bibliotheque François Mitterand, both are fast lines). There is also the tram line T3a that follows the south border of paris, and has a stop directly in front of the University (Avenue de France). Bus lines 27 and 62 have also stops that are close. Please check Google maps, or the Paris public transportation website for more info.


On the map linked above, you will find possible hotels. Some are close to the university, some less. Check the instruction above about transportation to know how long it will take you to get to the Uni. If you click on the mark for an hotel, you will usually get a link to the website of the hotel. To book rooms, you can either contact directly the hotels or use a reservation website such as

Adrian's Gallery

Adrian will be happy to welcome those who are interested to visit his photography gallery for pre-dinner drinks.