Jules Chouquet







I am a PhD student, at university Paris-Diderot between 2016 and 2019, in which I had the charge of teachings in computer science.

My research activity takes place at the "Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale" (IRIF), where I work under the direction of Christine Tasson

I also work with Lionel Vaux, Whith whom I spent in Marseilles the first year of my PhD.

Research areas

My work concentrates on proof theory and programming languages semantics. I study in particular quantitative semantics tools as Taylor expansion in lambda calculus and linear logic proof-nets. An encouraging result has been developped with Lionel Vaux for proof nets.

I am also interested in asynchronous computability and to probabilistic distributed algorithms.

Activity and mobility

I regularly attend to events organized by the "Groupe de recherche international" Linear Logic , and to the mensual meetings ChoCoLa organized at ENS Lyon. I had the occasion to present my works at these meetings, at the workshop TLLA, Oxford 2017, and at the conference CSL, Birmingham 2018.