Worshop displexity in Opodis’14


Tuesday 16 december 2014 morning

9h00: Paola Penna (Liafa Université Paris-Diderot)


Title: Imperfect best-response mechanisms

Abstract: Best-response mechanisms [Nisan et al, 2011] provide a unifying framework for studying various distributed protocols in which the participants are instructed to repeatedly best respond to each others’ strategies. Two fundamental features of these mechanisms are convergence and incentive compatibility.

This work investigates convergence and incentive compatibility conditions of such mechanisms when players are not guaranteed to always best respond but they rather play an imperfect best-response strategy. That is, at every time step every player deviates from the prescribed best-response strategy according to some probability parameter. The results explain to what extent convergence and incentive compatibility depend on the assumption that players never make mistakes, and how robust such protocols are to “noise” or “mistakes”.

10h15: Michel Raynal (IRISA Université de Rennes 1, IUF)


Title: Fair synchronization in the presence of process crashes and its weakest failure detector.

10h50: Coffee break

11h20 Arnaud Sangnier (Liafa Université Paris-Diderot)


Title: Parameterized Reachability in Networks with Many Identical Processes.

In this talk, we will study the decidability and complexity of reachability problems in networks where the number of entities is a priori unknown but where each process follows the same behavior. I will first describe algorithmic methods to analyze such networks considering different means of communication between the processes such as rendez-vous communication (with or without a central controller), broadcast communication or reconfigurable broadcast communication (where the broadcast messages are not received by all the processes of the networks). I will then present some considerations on how local strategies can be considered in such networks and I will end  by providing some future research directions for the field of parameterized verifications motivated by concrete examples.

12h30: Corentin Travers (LABRI)

title: Parallel-agreement is harder than set-agreement


13h00: end of session


Displexity in opodis’2014

The 18th International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy