If you plan to come to Paris also for a few days before or after the conference, Paris offers a large number of attractions. We list here some options, many of them beyond the usual highlights, as well as some ideas as to what to bring back from Paris.

Museums at walking distance from the conference venue

There are a number of interesting museums at short walking distance from the conferebce venue.

Museums around the city

Some smaller and not-so-famous museums in Paris are nevertheless more than worth a visit. We list here a number of such suggested museums. If you are on a budget, entrance to the permanent collections in most of the municipal museums (including Petit Palais, Musée d’Art Moderne, Musée Cernuschi, Maison de Victor Hugo and many more) are free of charge.


Several major exhibits will be running before and after the conference.


Paris offers a number of beautiful gardens beyond the well-known Luxembourg and Tuileries gardens in Paris and Monet’s garden in Giverny

Cultural events

A number of interesting cultural events will take place in Paris around the conference time.

Classical music and Opera

There are many excellent classical music venues in Paris. Book ahead if you are keen on a specific event as many are fully booked months in advance. For last minute seats you can look for a “bourse au billets” where individuals can resell tickets that they cannot use. A number of classical concerts and operas will be running around the conference time.


There are many famous Jazz clubs in Paris including New Morning, Baiser salé, Sunset, and Duc des Lombards. See the Paris Jazz Club site of a listing of venues. The Jazz sur Seine festival runs in October every year.

What to bring back

You may find useful the following list of suggested items to bring back, compiled by the local organisers. Make sure to check your country’s regulations before bringing back alcohol, dairy or meat products.