General information

There are many lunch (and dinner) options in the area near the conference venue, ranging from a sandwich or a salad, to a full 3-course meal. At lunchtime on weekdays, many restaurants offer a set menu which includes an appetizer (entrée) and a main course (plat) or a main course and a dessert. The choices on the set menu are usually more limited than ordering à la carte, but in addition to the lower price, the service time is often shorter if you order from the set menu options or the day’s dish (plat du jour).

If you choose to eat in a brasserie or a restaurant, expect your meal to take around an hour. If you require a quick lunch, we recommend that you pick up a sandwich or a salad in any boulangerie or in any of the self-service budget options listed below. Note that salads in Parisian brasseries are rather large plates with generous toppings and are popular lunch options.

The local clientele usually eats at around 1PM, and restaurants and brasseries are typically packed at this time. In order to get a table in a restaurant, it would be advisable to make sure to be seated by 12:45. Many restaurants are quite small and may have difficulty to accomodate on the same table groups of more than 4-6 people. If you are eating with a larger group, we recommend that you consider one of the larger restaurants (as indicated below).

You do not need to tip in French restaurants but a small 5% tip is appreciated when waiters take time to translate menus and help with meal preferences.

We list below a number of options in a few areas around the conference venue, with mostly lunch in mind. We also list restaurants around the workshops venue. The letters to the left of each restaurant indicate opening for lunch on the various days of the conference (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday). We have made every effort to provide accurate and up to date information. We apologize if some mistakes have been left inadvertently.

A map at the bottom of this page shows the locations of the listed restaurants (open the left side bar of the map and check the squares next to lists you want to see).

Next to the conference venue (less than 10 minutes walk)

-MT Le Petit Palais, 22 rue Saint-Dominique. Wine bar, bistrot cooking. Lunch menu 18 €; Salad 14 €; Club sandwich 13 €.

SMT Brasserie Bourbon, 1 Place du Palais Bourbon. Typical French brasserie. Lunch menu 25 €; Main course 16-21 €.

-MT Casa Germain, 88, rue de l’Université. Pizza, pasta 16 €; Main course 20 €.

-MT Restaurant L’Assemblée, 13 rue de Bourgogne. Typical French brasserie. Plat du jour 16 €; Lunch menu 22 €. Large restaurant.

SMT Le vin de Bellchasse, 20, rue de Bellchasse. Typical French small bistrot. Main course 15-22 €.

SMT Mucha Café, 227 blvd. Saint Germain. Salads 14 €; Main course 18-24 €; Plat du jour 17-18 €. You can get a sandwich at the bar. Large restaurant.

S-T Cafe du musée Rodin, 77 rue de Varenne. Light meals in the legendary garden of Musée Rodin. 12-18 € + 4 € entrance fee to the garden.

-MT La Laiterie Ste-Clotilde, 64, rue de Bellchasse. 24 € lunch menu. (Highly recommended, may require a reservation)

-MT Le petit Varenne, 57 rue de Bellechasse. Main course 25 €; Lunch menu 28 €; Charcuterie plate available between 2 PM and 8 PM.

-MT (budget option) La Ficelle, 34, rue Saint-Dominique. Self-service sandwiches and salads.

SMT (budget option) La Ficelle (bigger one), 6, rue Saint-Dominique. Self-service sandwiches and salads; Pizzas; Lights meals.

-MT (Budget option) Saveurs & Co., 38 rue de Bellechasse. Salads and sanwiches to take away or eat in. Sandwiches, salads 6 €; Quiches 9 €; lunch menus 12 €.

-MT (Budget option) Boulangerie Gosselin, 258, blvd. Saint Germain. Excellent boulangerie and patisserie. Take-away sandwiches and pastries.

SMT (Budget option) Compose, 22 Rue de Bellechasse. Self service sandwiches and salads; Salad Bar; Pizzas.

By the river (10 minutes walk)

If the weather is nice, you can eat on the riverside.

SMT Rosa Bonheur, Boat on the river just east of pont Alexandre III. Wine and tapas (charcuterie and seafood); oysters; pizza.

SMT (Budget option) Camion qui fume, On the riverside just east of pont Alexandre III. Hamburger 10 €.

SMT (Budget option) Food Breizh, On the riverside jusr east of pont de la Concorde. Very informal place, take away or sit at one of the tables on the riverside. Crêpes, sandwiches, drinks; combination deal 10 €.

Rue du Bac and nearby (10 to 15 minutes walk)

-MT Coffee Cuiller, 68 Rue de Grenelle, Small café serving mostly coffee but also salads and small sandwiches.

SMT Cafe Prevert, 6, rue de Grenelle (in the basement of the Musée Maillol). Light meals in a vaulted cellar. Quiche, salads; Lunch menu 20 €.

SMT Le Saint Germain, 62, rue du Bac. Large traditional brasserie (Aveyron region). Lunch menu 19 €; Main course 17-20 €; Salads 15 €.

-MT Café Bac Saint Germain, 66, rue du Bac. Small Parisian bistrot. Main course 15 €, lunch menu 20 €.

SMT La Petite Chaise, 36 rue de Grenelle. “Oldest restaurant in Paris”. Lunch menu 25 €; Main course 20 €.

SMT Au Vieux Garçons, 213, blvd. Saint Germain. French bistrot. Lunch menu 20 €.

-MT Di Como, 16 rue du Bac. Italian. Lunch menu 23 €.

SMT La pizzeria Marzo, 5 Rue Paul-Louis Courier. Pizza 16-20 €.

SMT (Budget option) Au Pain Quotidien, 25 rue de Varenne. Quiche, croque monsieur 14 €.

SMT (Budget option) Le Basile, 34 rue de Grenelle. Large modern café with take-away window. Croque Monsieur, Hamburgers, Salads 12-15 €.

Pastries on and near rue du Bac: If you have a sweet tooth, there are many exceptional patisseries and chocolatiers on rue du Bac: e.g., Patisserie des rêves (pastries), Jacques Genin (chocolates), Du pain et des gâteaux (pastries), Le Bac à Glace (ice cream). Also in the area, there are many famous pâtisseries including Victor et Hugo, Pariès, La chocolaterie, and on rue de Seine you can find Arnaud Larher, Pierre Marcolini (chocolates), and Gérard Mulot. The legendary pâtisserie Pierre Hermé is on the nearby rue Bonaparte. Beaupassage is a pedestrian street featuring a café by Pierre Hermé, fromagerie Barthélémy, a wine shop by Yannick Alléno, as well as Daily Pic by chef Anne-Sophie Pic. (Open in August 2018.)

Lagendery venues: For legendary or famous venues in this area you may try Brasserie Lipp, Café de Flore, Les deux magots or L’Atelier Joël Robuchon.

Rue Cler and surrondings (10 to 15 minutes walk)

SMT Tribeca, 36 rue Cler. Brasserie Pasta 12-15 €; Salads 13-16 €; Pizza 15 €; Main course 17 €.

SMT Cafe du marché, 38 rue Cler. Classic French Bisrot. Main course 15-20 €; Burgers 17 €.

SMT Cafe Central, 40 rue Cler. Classic French Bisrot. Salads 18 €; Burgers 17-22 €; Main course 20-25 €.

SMT Bar PTT, 54 rue Cler. French Bisrot. Salads 15 €; Main course 14-16 €.

SMT Café Roussillon, 186 rue de Grenelle. Typical Brasserie. Main course 14-20 €; Salads 13-15 €; Burgers 15 €.

-MT Chez France, 9 rue Amélie. French. Set Menu 18-22 €.

SMT La Campanela, 18, av. Bosquet. Brasserie. Main course 15-22 €; Pasta 13 €; Salads 13-15 €.

SMT (budget option) Jeusselin, 37, rue Cler. Sandwiches; Salads; Small dishes take away 9 €.

-MT (budget option) Boulangerie les Trois Coeurs, 111, rue Saint Dominique. Sandwiches, salads, pastries.

-MT (budget option) Boulangerie Douceurs et traditions, 85, rue Saint Dominique. Sandwiches; Pastries.

SMT (budget option) Boulangerie Moulin de la vierge, 64, rue Saint Dominique. Sandwiches; Small dishes take away.

(budget option) Various stands and small restaurants on rue Cler: crêpes, Chinese, Japanese 10 €.

S-T (budget option) Shop for bread, cheese, fruits and wine at local stores in the rue Cler market. Many stores closed Sunday after 13:30 and Monday.

Rue Saint-Dominique, between Av. Bosquet and Av. de la Bourdonnais (15 to 20 minutes walk)

This area hosts many excellent restaurants, some of which are listed in the Michelin guide as well as the Gault&Millau guide, and are suitable for a special meal. A partial list includes Café Constant, Les Cocottes, Les Fables de la Fontaine, which are all in the family of restaurants of Christian Constant. Reservations are strongly recommended except at Café Constant which does not take reservations.

Rue de Babylone and nearby (15 to 20 minutes walk)

-MT Le Pied de Fouet, 43 Rue de Babylone Small brasserie. Main course 9-12 €.

SMT Cafe Coutume, 47 rue de Babylone Excellent coffee, but computers and tablets are not allowed. Light lunch 13-17 €.

-MT L’angle Babylone, 37 Rue Barbet de Jouy. Wine bar/bistrot. Lunch menu 27 €; Main course 20-25 €.

-MT (budget option) Eh Oui ! ! !, 62 Rue de Babylone. Informal light meals, many vegetarian options. Main course 10-15 €.

Around the Institut Henri Poincaré (workshops venue)

Yaki, 4 rue Gay Lussac. Japanese.

Coup de torchon, 187 rue Saint Jacques. Bistrot.

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, 19 rue des Fossés Saint Jacques. Bistrot.

(budget option) Pains, Salades et Fantaisies, 22 rue Gay Lussac. Sandwiches and salads.

(budget option) Boulangerie Moderne, 16 rue des Fossés Saint Jacques.

There are many more restaurants in the streets surrounding the IHP. You may also consult the list provided by the IHP.