Dr. Eswaran Subrahmanian is a Research Professor at the ICES and EPP at Carnegie Mellon University. He was the Chief Scientist at the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (India, 2008- 2011) and has held visiting professorships at the Faculty of Technology and Policy Management at TU-Delft (Netherlands), the University of Lyon II; and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. His research is in the areas of Socio-technical systems design, Decision support systems, Engineering informatics, Design theory and methods, and engineering design education. He has worked on designing design processes and collaborative work support systems with Westinghouse, ABB, Alcoa, Bombardier, Boeing, and Robert Bosch. He is a founding member of a Bangalore-based non-profit research group, Fields of View, that uses simulation and gaming fo inclusive design of urban issues.

  • Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University