Frank Drewes

Frank Drewes

Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computing Science, Umeå University, Sweden

I am primus inter pares of the research group Foundations of Language Processing, which is part of Language Processing Center North. My research interests are formal language theory in a wide sense and its application to problems in computational linguistics and natural language processing. Several of my projects in this area are AI projects targeting multimodal media analysis. In particular, I am interested in structural representations of natural language that combine different aspects such as syntax, semantics, and context knowledge. Currently, I am mostly interested in the algorithmics of automata and grammars that process semantic representations of sentences such as Abstract Meaning Representations, and how those can be made use of for media analysis.

Previously, I have been active in the field of grammatical picture generation. Information about a book on this subject that I have written (in the Springer EATCS series Texts in Theoretical Computer Science) is available here.

You may also be interested to have a look at the system TREEBAG.