Jean Krivine

Jean Krivine

CNRS Researcher in Computer Science

Université de Paris, CNRS, IRIF, France

I am interested in fundamental aspects of computer science, mainly models for concurrency (non interleaving semantics, event structures), quantitative simulation (stochastic semantics), formal languages including bigraphs , Kappa and process algebra. I am investigating applications of these concepts to highly distributed systems such as blockchain systems or molecular interaction networks .

Since 2009:

I am a CNRS researcher (CR1) in IRIF (Institute of fundamental research in Informatics) in the PPS team (Proofs, Programs and Systems) at Université de Paris .

March 2007 - 2008:

Postdoctoral fellow at LIX (École Polytechnique) with Robin Milner

Jul ‘06 - March ‘07:

Developer at Plectix Biosystem Inc. (Boston, US)