A graphical language for programming with graph rewriting


We provide a general introduction to the AlgebraicJulia ecosystem and AlgebraicRewriting.jl, which allows for integrating general-purpose code with computation of many graph transformation constructions in a broad variety of categories. Practical applications of graph transformation depend on being able to apply sequences of rewrites in a controlled manner: we present work on a graphical language for the construction and composition of such programs, including computation of normal forms as well as scientific agent-based model simulations. This graphical language can be given semantics in many different contexts (e.g. deterministic, nondeterministic, probabilistic) and can be functorially migrated, which yields graph rewriting programs that operate in other categories.

Friday, May 31, 2024 15:00 Europe/Paris
GReTA seminar
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Kristopher Brown
Kristopher Brown

Kris Brown moved into the field of applied category theory after a PhD in chemical engineering at Stanford University. Kris is interested in helping scientists (and others) better organize their knowledge and communicate with each other. Kris studies categorical gadgets such as diagrams, sketches, and (co)limits as a language to construct more transparent, extensible, and composable approaches to problems of scientific interest such as constraint solvers, rewrite systems, linear algebra, and model exploration.