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I am currently a PhD student in mathematics at Université Paris Diderot under the supervision of François Métayer and Clemens Berger.

The provisional title of my thesis is "Homology of strict ∞-categories". My main research interests are category theory, higher category theory and homotopy theory.



  1. A unifying approach to the acyclic models method and other lifting lemmas Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 32, 2017, No. 25, pp 823-834.


  1. Homology of 1-categories via polygraphic resolutions In preparation.
  2. Polygraphs and discrete Conduché functors arXiv:1812.05332 [math.CT](2018).


IRIF laboratory, Université Paris Diderot, batîment Sophie Germain, bureau 3055

Email : guetta (at) irif (dot) fr