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I was born in 1962 in Moscow. In 1984 I graduated from the Dept. of Mathematics and mechanics of Moscow State University, my specialization was the mathematical logic. In 1988 I made my Ph.D. "Individual random signals: an approach based on complexity", directed by A.Kolmogorov. In 1984-1988 I worked in M.Krasnosel'skii's team at the Institute for Control Science in Moscow. In 1990-1999 I was at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems in Moscow. Till 2022 I was an external member of that institute.

Since 1999 I was working as professor of computer science at the Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France). My research work was done at VERIMAG laboratory (I cooperated with it since 1994).

In September 2003 I moved to Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 and LIAFA. In 2016 LIAFA was reorganized to become part of IRIF institute (see contact information below); since 2020 my university became part of Université Paris Cité . I am member of the Modeling and Verification team (within Automata, structures and verification pole).

Research interests (chronological)


In November 2011 – May 2016 I coordinated EQINOCS project (Entropy and quantity of information in computational systems) financed by ANR . Concluding EQINOCS workshop was organized in Paris on 9-11 May 2016.

Since fall 2020 I am involved in three new projects



Steering Committee member: FORMATS

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Subjects for master theses

The internships marked by (*) have been realized in summer 2021, but can be continued. I will update the descriptions soon.

They are related to starting research projects and can be continued with PhD theses.

Somewhat simpler versions for L3-ENS or M1 level here(*)

Teaching activity:

These pages are in French

I am member of and mostly teaching at UFR d'Informatique de l'Université Paris Cité. I am also strongly involved at École d'Ingénieur Denis Diderot (EIDD) .
Most of my recent teaching-related pages are on Moodle

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Old teaching-related pages

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Paris 7:

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PhD thesis "Individual random signals: an approach based on complexity" (1988, in Russian) [ djvu ]

List of publications before 1994


Journal papers

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Conference proceedings (editor)

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Conference proceedings

(see LNCS Homepage )

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Manuscripts and preprints:

  1. Chaos and Undecidability (Based on invited talk at the workshop on Hybrid Systems at Grenoble, 1995) [Pdf]

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