FICS 2000 - Preliminary Program

Postcript file of the Preliminary Program

Friday, July 21: 6pm -- 8pm:  Welcome drink

Saturday, July 22:


9am S. Bloom On the development and use of Iteration Theories.

9:30am J. Rutten Behavioural differential equations in stream calculus.

10:30 -- 11am:  Break

11am H. Marandjian Fixed points and general form recursive equations.

12am -- 2pm:  Break


2pm J. Adamek Final coalgebras as completions of initial algebras.

2:30pm R. De Nicola and A. Labella Nondeterministic regular expressions as solutions of equational systems.

3pm Z. Esik  Axiomatizing the least fixed point operation on continuous additive algebras.

3:30pm A. Corradini and  F. Gadducci Iteration 2-categories and rational term rewriting.
4 -- 4:30pm:  Break


4:30pm J. Arsouze, G. Ferrand and A. Lallouet A CSP view of CLP.

5pm M. Jaume Logic programming and co-inductive definitions.

5:30pm E. Foustoucos A fixpoint operator for datalog queries.

Sunday, July 23: SESSION 4 : Chair H. MARANDJIAN 9am B. Courcelle Least Fixed-Points, Graph Grammars and Monadic Second-Order Logic. 10 -- 10:30am: Break 10:30am I. Walukiewicz Automata and fixpoint calculi. 11:30am F. Corradini A step towards equational axiomatizations of Milner bisimulation in Kleene star. 12am -- 2pm: Break SESSION 5 : Chair P. GILMORE 2pm L. Santocanale The theory of mu-lattices. 2:30pm M. Dam and D. Gurov mu-Calculus with explicit points and approximations. 3pm B. Gramlich On the (non-)existence of least fixed points in conditional equational logic and conditional rewriting. 3:30pm C. Dima A fixpoint semantics for ``memory cells'' in synchronous dataflows. 4 -- 4:30pm: Break SESSION 6 : Chair J. ADAMEK 4:30pm I. Klimann Some applications of multi-automata to fixed point problems. 5pm P. Gilmore A logical foundation for higher order fixed points. 5:30pm J.-L. Giavitto A fixed point approach to the resolution of array equations. 6pm Y. Loyer, N. Spyratos and D. Stamate Non-uniform hyptheses for information integration in four-valued logics.

Suppport for the Meeting: GDR-ALP , Université Pierre et Marie Curie Direction de la Recherche, EVOLUTION.
The workshop will take place in Amphitheatre de Physique, University Paris 6, 12 rue Cuvier (metro Jussieu)