AHCP — the Ad-Hoc Configuration Protocol

AHCP is an autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6 and dual-stack IPv6/IPv4 networks designed to be used in place of router discovery and DHCP on networks where it is difficult or impossible to configure a server within every link-layer broadcast domain, for example mobile ad-hoc networks.

AHCP will automatically configure IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, name servers and NTP servers. It will not configure default routes, since it is designed to be run together with a routing protocol (such as Babel or OLSR).

We are hoping to replace AHCP with an extended version of the Homenet HNCP protocol. But for now, AHCP is what is used on the PPS network.


Please read

On a related note, please have a look at the Babel routing protocol.

Mailing list

Discussion about AHCP and the ahcpd implementation is welcome on the Babel users mailing list.


Stable sources

Stable tarballs are available in my download area.

Unstable sources

You can also get my latest (possibly unstable) sources using git by doing

git clone git://git.wifi.pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr/ahcpd

There's also a mirror on github.


Debian/Ubuntu and other mainstream distributions

Debian and Ubuntu packages (with no init scripts) should be available in your favourite repository (merci, Stéphane !)

apt-get install ahcpd

Versions are also inluded in Fedora Extras and Arch Linux.


OpenWRT packages should be available from your favourite official OpenWRT package repository (merci, Gabriel !).

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