babel-pinger - set up a default route if a host is reachable


babel-pinger [ -p protocol-number ] [ -P server-protocol ] [ -t timeout ] -i interface host...


Babel-pinger determines whether a given host or set of hosts are reachable through a given interface and, if so, sets up a default route through the loopback interface. This route can then be exported into a suitable routing protocol such as Babel.


-p protocol-number
Specify the protocol number of the installed route. The default is 43.
-P server-protocol
The protocol used by the remote host. This can be one of echo, dns or ntp. The default is echo.
-t timeout
The time interval, in seconds, at which queries will be sent. The default is 120s.
-i interface
The interface over which the remote hosts will be pinged.


Friends don’t let friends use babel-pinger. They set up a proper routing protocol instead.

See Also

routed(8) , zebra(8) , babel(8) .


Juliusz Chroboczek.

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