Storrent BitTorrent client

Storrent is a BitTorrent client that is optimised for video and audio that is consumed as soon as it is downloaded, so called streaming media. With traditional BitTorrent clients, the user needs to wait for a file to finish downloaded before they can consume it. With Storrent, on the other hand, the file is made available as soon as it has started downloading, and can be played back immediately; if the download turns out to be too slow, the playback will stall.

BitTorrent does not include its own media player. Instead, it presents torrents over HTTP, so that they can be played with every media player that supports HTTP streaming.

Storrent has the following features:


If you have a Go compiler and a C compiler installed, the best solution is to grab my most recent sources:

git clone
cd storrent
go build

Otherwise, you might or might not find a recent binary in my download area.


Under Unix and Linux, do


Under Windows:


You may improve your privacy somewhat by running Storrent in a slightly more paranoid mode:

./storrent -encryption 5 -dht-passive

In order to run Storrent through Tor, do:

./storrent -proxy socks5:// -use-trackers -use-webseeds

For more information, please say ./storrent -help.


Point your favourite browser at http://localhost:8088 and copy a torrent or magnet URL into the dialog box. Wait a few seconds, then hit Reload; you should see a list of the files contained in the torrent.

At this point, you have various possibilities:

No support

Storrent was written for my personal needs, and is provided with no support of any kind. Howerver, feel free to submit bug reports and pull request on GitHub, or send patches by mail.