Université Paris Cité

  • 2023. I am teaching/tutoring the following courses:
    • L1: Initiation à la programmation 1 (IP1).
    • L1: Concepts informatiques (CI2).
    • L3: Programmation fonctionnelle (PF5).
    • L3: Grammaire et analyse (GA6).

University of Strathclyde

  • 2020-2021. I gave tutorials for the following courses (mostly Haskell programming):
    • Functional Thinking (CS260).
    • Functional Programming (CS316).

École Polytechnique

  • 2016-2019. I gave tutorials for the following courses (mostly Java programming):
    • Mécanismes de la programmation orientée-objet (INF371).
    • Les bases de la programmation et de l’algorithmique (INF411).
    • Introduction à l’informatique (INF311).
    • Concurrence (INF431).
    • Introduction to formal languages (CSE206).

LMU Munich

I gave two 2-hour classes and one tutorial about lambda-calculus and the proof assistant Coq, as part of a course on computer-aided formal reasoning.