TYPES 2014 in Paris (May 12-15, 2014)


The Types2014 meeting has been hosted by Institut H. Poincaré (IHP), in the Amphi Hermite.
It fits into the Special IHP Trimester on Semantics of proofs and certified mathematics.
Direction to the IHP can be found in this annotated map or on OpenStreetMap.


The Types Meeting is a forum to present new and on-going work in all aspects of type theory and its applications. Since 1992, Types Meetings have been annual workshops of several multilateral scientific EU-financed projects, of which the Types Project was the most recent. Although organized in Europe, the meetings were always open internationally, as evidenced by invited speakers and authors of contributed talks. The previous Types meeting was held in Toulouse, France in April 2013 and the one before in Bergen, Norway in September 2011.

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The Post-Proceedings of Types2014 are now published as LIPICS vol. 39. The former Call For Paper is here.

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