Three years of postdoc are available in quantum algorithms and complexity, in particular in quantum algorithms for massive data, optimization and machine learning, and in quantum communications and cryptography. For more information, please contact me.

The Algorithms and Complexity group of IRIF is seeking excellent candicates for one or more postdoctoral positions in classical and quantum computing. For more information, please visit the group webpage.

PhD/Master Thesis - Internship

If you woud like to apply for a thesis or an internship under my advising, please read the following intructions before contacting me.

PhD Thesis
  • Read some papers of my recent papers
Master Thesis
  • Attend some of the Master courses of the group or equivalent ones in other institutions
  • Select one of the following topics you would like to work on

Current and former students

PhD Theses Master Theses Internships (Licence 3 / Master 1)