The "Quantum algorithms for massive data" project is part of the ANR "Appel à projets générique 2018" program, under the reference ANR-18-CE47-0010. The project starts in January 2019 for a period of 4 years.


Quantum information aims at a revolution in information technologies, in the form of a large-scale network of classical and quantum devices able to communicate and process massive amounts of data efficiently and securely. Our goal is a comprehensive analysis of the potential of quantum computing in this context. The objectives of our project are to provide quantum applications for machine learning, design quantum algorithms for models with restricted access to data, design software suites for programming such applications, use our high-performance computing platforms to simulate the behaviour on real data sets, and optimize the resources of such algorithms. Our ambition is to push quantum information protocols closer to commercialization and create a new platform for potential disruptive technologies through the synergy of quantum mechanics and information sciences.

Principal permanent members



  • Cyril Gavoille (local coordinator)
  • Gilles Zémor
  • Bull/ATOS

    • Cyril Allouche
    • Thomas Ayral
    • (local coordinator)
    • Jean-Noël Quintin