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Modèles des langages de programmation
Cours M2.2

Paul-André Melliès

First lecture -- general introduction to the course

Slides of the lecture

Notes du cours introductif: domaines, fonctions continues, application aux flots d'entiers

Lecture notes: domains, continuous functions, application to streams of integers

Second lecture -- cartesian closed categories and domains

Slides of the lecture

Travaux Dirigés no 1 -- stable functions between clique domains

Third lecture -- monoidal closed categories and coherence spaces

Slides of the lecture

Lecture notes: a survival guide on coherence spaces

In order to train yourself -- the fixpoint operator in the category of coherence spaces

Travaux Dirigés no 2 -- coherence spaces

Past exams -- adjunctions, distributivity laws, configurations spaces and word automata

Examen Partiel 2007

Examen Partiel 2009

Examen Partiel 2012

Examen Partiel 2017 (includes TD no 2)

Examen Partiel 2018

Additional references for this part of the course

You will find a comprehensive study of the categorical models of linear logic in my lecture notes published in the series Panoramas et Synthèses of the SMF. Although I will only cover a fragment of these notes during the course, I would advise the students to read the chapters 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Another useful reference is provided by the book Domains and Lambda-Calculi by Roberto Amadio and Pierre-Louis Curien.

Thomas Ehrhard

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Pierre-Louis Curien

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Paul-André Melliès

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