The specification of the DC2SDX translator

Mihaela Sighireanu

Technical Report, Unpublished, Mars 1999.


The DC (Declarative Code) format is the common format for the synchronous languages like Esterel and Lustre. It is also the output format of the ORCCAD (Open Robot Controller CAD) environment, a software dedicated to the specification of robotic applications combining the command and control aspects. The SYNDEX (Synchronized Distributed Executive) environment is a software assisting the multiple component implementation specified using synchronous languages. The entry format of SYNDEX, called SYNDEX v5, has the semantics of the DC format but it uses a different syntax. The DC2SDX tool translate the DC specifications into SYNDEX specifications, thus allowing the interconnection of ORCCAD et SYNDEX environments. This report presents the translation algorithm implemented by the DC2SDX tool.

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