DC2SDX: A Translator from DC to SynDEx


Version 1.3 - Date 99/04/09 11:55:11



1. DC, SynDEx, and DC2SDX

DC ("Declarative Code") is a common format for synchronous languages (Esterel, Lustre, and Signal). This format provides an unified, declarative representation of the synchronous programs "in order to allow tools to be shared (e.g., code generators, distributed code generators, verification tools, silicon compilers, simulators, ...) and to make easier the integration of programs written in different languages" [DC-98].

SynDEx is a system level CAD software, supporting the "Algorithm Architecture Adequation" (AAA) methodology, for rapid prototyping and optimizing the implementation of real-time embedded applications on multicomponent architectures. It has been designed and developped at INRIA Rocquencourt France, in the SOSSO project.

DC2SDX is a translator from DC specifications to SynDEx specifications, thus allowing the interconnection of synchronous languages to SynDEx. DC2SDX is developped using SYNTAX and FNC-2, two powerful compiler generation tools designed at INRIA Rocquencourt.


2. Download the latest version of DC2SDX

The current version of DC2SDX is version 0.2. This version provides translation of a "safe" subset of DC into SynDEx v5.0 (without activation conditions).

The next version will translate additional constructs of DC and activation conditions.

The following systems and architectures are currently supported by DC2SDX:

NEW DC2SDX 0.2 is available for download here.

Please contact Mihaela Sighireanu for any question or comment about DC2SDX.


3. Related publications and work

The Specification of the DC2SDX Translator
Mihaela Sighireanu. Technical Report, Unpublished, Mars 1999, 23 pages.

DC : le format commun des langages synchrones
Mihaela Sighireanu. slides (in PostScript), Mars 1999.

You can find additional informations about the DC, SynDEx, and DC2SDX translator from the FAQ DC2SDX (working document, in French).

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