SL-COMP References

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Competition reports:

  • M. Sighireanu and D. R. Cok. Report on SL-COMP'14, JSAT 2014. pdf

Papers describing the benchmarks:

  • J. Brotherston, N. Gorogiannis, and R.L. Petersen. A Generic Cyclic Theorem Prover , APLAS 2010. pdf
  • J. Brotherston, C. Fuhs, N. Gorogiannis, and J.N. Perez. A Decision Procedure for Satisfiability in Separation Logic with Inductive Predicates, CSL-LICS 2014. pdf
  • Wei-Ngan Chin, Cristian Gherghina, Razvan Voicu, Quang Loc Le, Florin Craciun, Shengchao Qin. A Specialization Calculus for Pruning Disjunctive Predicates to Support Verification, CAV 2011. [pdf]
  • C. Enea, O. Lengal, M. Sighireanu, and T. Vojnar. Compositional Entailment Checking for a Fragment of Separation Logic, APLAS 2014. pdf
  • R. Iosif, A. Rogalewicz, and T. Vojnar. Deciding Entailments in Inductive Separation Logic with Tree Automata, ATVA 2014. pdf
  • J.A. Navarro Perez and A. Rybalchenko. Separation Logic Modulo Theories, APLAS 2013.

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