This page summarizes events I've been to or will go to.
27-29 September 2010
Baltimore, USA
20-22 January 2010
Madrid, Spain
And PLPV and TLDI. And lots of tapas.
17-20 August 2009
Munich, Germany
First Coq workshop too !
12-15 May 2009
Aussois, France
28-30 January 2009
Toulouse, France
18-21 August 2008
Montréal, Canada
Soon to be called "Interactive Theorem Proving"... I talked [1] about type classes there.
15-18 July 2008
Marseille, France
18-20 February 2008
Nottingham, UK
Dependently Typed Programming in Epigram's hometown was a great reunion. I talked [2] about Dependent Finger Trees there.
10-12 January 2008
San Francisco, USA
13-14 December 2007
Tallinn, Estonia
A small TYPES workshop on effects and type theory.
1-3 October 2007
Freiburg, Germany
HW, MLW and PLPV were great too ! I've given a talk [3] about the Finger Trees paper there.
31 July - 12 August 2007
Marktoberdorf, Germany
The theme was "Formal Logical Methods for System Security and Correctness"... and we lost the game.
25-29 June 2007
Paris, France
2-5 May 2007
Cividale del Friuli (Udine), Italy
I've given a talk [4] on Finger Trees there.
17-19 January 2007
Nice, France
18-22 December 2006
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
A small TYPES workshop on Curry-Howard Implementation Techniques and Connecting Humans and Type-checkers.
5-16 June 2006
Luchon & Toulouse, France
A french summer school for young researchers in programming.
18-21 April 2006
University of Nottingham, UK
I've given a talk [5] on Subset Coercions there.
15-26 August 2005
Göteborg, Sweden
First-Class Type Classes. Matthieu Sozeau, Talk given at TPHOLs'08, Montréal, Canada, 20th August 2008.
Dependent Finger Trees. Matthieu Sozeau, Talk given at DTP'08, Nottingham, UK, 18-20 February 2008.
Program-ing Finger Trees in Coq. Matthieu Sozeau, Talk given at ICFP'07, Freiburg, Germany, 1-3 October 2007.
A journey with Russell: Programming Dependent Finger Trees in Coq. Matthieu Sozeau, Talk given at TYPES'07, Cividale Del Friuli, Italy, 2-5 May 2007.
Subset Coercions in Coq. Matthieu Sozeau, Talk given at TYPES'06, University of Nottingham, UK, 19-21 april 2006.
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