Sylvain Perifel


Currently maître de conférences (roughly "senior lecturer" (UK) or "assistant/associate professor" (US)) in computer science at University Paris Diderot (Paris 7) at IRIF, in the groups Algorithmes et complexité and Automates et applications.

Research interests: theoretical computer science, more precisely on computational complexity, complexity of computing polynomials, etc.

I am editor in chief of the journal RAIRO ITA.

To contact me

Office 4017 at IRIF, 4th floor of Sophie Germain building (avenue de France), 75013 Paris.
Postal address:
Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7)
Case 7014
75205 Paris Cedex 13
Phone number: +33 1 57 27 92 29
E-mail: firstname.surname [at] (for me: firstname=sylvain and surname=perifel)

Last update: September 4, 2018.