UNIF'90 Preliminary List of Talks

Franz Baader Unification, weak unification, upper bound, lower bound, and generalization problems,
Marco Bellia and M. Eugenia Occhutio Operators for unification and most general instance,
Wayne Snyder An inference system for conditional E-unification and Horn theories,
James G Williams Instantiation systems and unification algorithms,
Juan Biccaregui and Brian Matthews The inceremental development of an algorithm for matching with higher-order variables,
D.J.Dougherty Higher-order unification via combinators,
Ross Paterson Unification of schemes of quantified terms,
Zhenyu Qian On combining lambda- and equational unification procedures,
Michael Hanus Unification with type specifications,
Gert Smolka New results on feature unification,
Muffy Thomas and Phil Watson An order-sorted approach to generalization,
E.K.Burke Unification for nilpotent monoids,
Thomas Filkorn Unification in finite algebras and its integration into prolog,
Jean-Louis Imbert On redundant inequalities generated by Fourier's algorithm,
Konrad Slind Associative, commutative, and left distributive unification,
D Boquin and M Dauchet Some remarks about disunification,
Hubert Comon When can disunification lead to a finite set of most general unifiers?
Catherine Delor Study of the confluence of disequations elimination on equational problems,
John Darlington and Yi-Ke Guo Unification and constraint-solving,
C and H Kirchner Reasoning with symbolic constraints,
Catherine Meadows Applying equational unification to the analysis of key distribution protocols,
Marshall Kline A linear parallel-time algorithm for N-ary (N-statement) unification,
Andy Mueck Compilation of unification.
Bill Rounds Feature theory: information and unification,
Alexander Herold Constraint logic programming-a combination of paradigms
Andreas Podelski LIFE: unification, constraints, and the way to paradise
Eric Domenjoud Hierarchical combination of equational problems
Francis Klay On syntactic theories
Ralf Treinen Equational problems in term algebras modulo AC are undecidable
Fritz Henglein and Hans Leiss Quasi-monadic semi-unification is decidable
Marshall Cline A linear parallel-time algorithm for N-ary (N-statement) unification
Gaetan Hains Restricyed complexity of AC-matching

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This page compiled from material provided by John Truss.
Ralf Treinen
December 6, 2000