About Me

I am currently a research fellow (EPSRC Fellow) in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. Previously, I was a post-doc in the same group, hosted by Pr Martin R. Albrecht. Before that, I did my PhD at IRIF, Université de Paris under the supervision of Frédéric Magniez. Prior to that, I studied at École polytechnique, at Télécom ParisTech and at Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science (MPRI).

Contact: yixin.shen at rhul.ac.uk

Curriculum Vitæ

You can download my CV here.

Research Interests

I mainly study quantum algorithms in the context of cryptanalysis. I am particularly interested in problems related to lattice-based cryptography. I am also interested in broader topics such as theoretical computer science or computational complexity.


I am the principal investigator of EP/W02778X/1 (08/2022-07/2027).

PhD Students

Ethan Davies (2022-) (co-advised with Alastair Kay)


Program committee member: INDOCRYPT 2022, 2023.

Conference Reviewer: TQC 2019, ANTS 2020, SODA 2021, ICALP 2021, CRYPTO 2021, ASIACRYPT 2021, SAC 2021, TQC 2022, ASIACRYPT 2022, TCC 2022, SODA 2022, PKC 2022, CRYPTO 2023 (X2).

Journal Reviewer: ACM Transaction on Quantum Computing, Quantum Journal, Designs Codes and Cryptography.

PhD Thesis External Examiner: Edmund Dable-Heath (Imperial College London)

Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College.

Seminar organizer (2021-2023): ENSL/CWI/RHUL Joint Online Cryptography seminars.

Workshop organizer: QUANTALGO Workshop 2018.

Teaching Assistant

Media Outreach

Panelist at the Responsible Quantum Summit organised by Tortoise Media:

"What are the implications of advancements in quantum technology for the security?"