About Me

I am currently a research fellow (EPSRC Fellow) at King's College London. Previously, I was a post-doc then a research fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London, hosted by Pr Martin R. Albrecht. Before that, I did my PhD at IRIF, Université de Paris under the supervision of Frédéric Magniez. Prior to that, I studied at École polytechnique, at Télécom ParisTech and at Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science (MPRI).

My Royal Holloway email address is no longer valid. Please contact me at my new email address: yixin.shen at kcl.ac.uk

Curriculum Vitæ

You can download my CV here.

Research Interests

I mainly study quantum algorithms in the context of cryptanalysis. I am particularly interested in problems related to lattice-based cryptography. I am also interested in broader topics such as theoretical computer science or computational complexity.


I am the principal investigator of EP/W02778X/1 (08/2022-07/2027).

PhD Students

Ethan Davies (2022-) (co-advised with Alastair Kay)


Program committee member: INDOCRYPT 2022, 2023.

Conference Reviewer: TQC 2019, ANTS 2020, SODA 2021, ICALP 2021, CRYPTO 2021, ASIACRYPT 2021, SAC 2021, TQC 2022, ASIACRYPT 2022, TCC 2022, SODA 2022, PKC 2022, CRYPTO 2023 (X2), ASIACRYPT 2023, EUROCRYPT 2024

Journal Reviewer: ACM Transaction on Quantum Computing, Quantum, Designs Codes and Cryptography.

PhD Thesis External Examiner: Edmund Dable-Heath (Imperial College London)

Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College.

Seminar organizer (2021-2023): ENSL/CWI/RHUL Joint Online Cryptography seminars.

Workshop organizer: QUANTALGO Workshop 2018.

Teaching Assistant

Media Outreach

Panelist at the Responsible Quantum Summit organised by Tortoise Media:

"What are the implications of advancements in quantum technology for the security?"