SFCA 2013FPSAC '13

25ème conférence internationale sur les séries formelles et la combinatoire algébrique.The 25th International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics.

Paris, du 24 au 28 Juin 2013Paris, France, June 24–28, 2013

Financial support

There are two kinds of financial support for the conference FPSAC 2013. Please, apply only to the one you are eligible for. Note that the two kinds of applications involve different application forms and different contact emails.

Support from the NSF and the NSA

To apply for reimbursement after FPSAC, mail your application by August 1 (or as soon as possible) to Mark Skandera, Lehigh University Mathematics Department, Christmas-Saucon Hall, 14 East Packer Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18015. A valid application consists of

  • original receipts for transportation, food, lodging, and/or conference registration. For airline tickets (on US carriers only), include boarding passes.
  • a table (handwritten is OK) of submitted receipts, including
    • description
    • cost including currency, if not USD
    • date, if currency not USD
    • exchange rate for that date, if not USD
    • cost in USD
    and a total cost in USD, which can exceed what you expect to receive as reimbursement. Use the webpage XE Currency Converter to find rates for a particular date.
  • page 1 of the reimbursement form. Please print neatly. US citizens should complete only the following items:
    • Payee (your name)
    • Payee address (your address)
    • Individual payee is a (check appropriate box)
    • Business purpose of expenditure ("FPSAC 2013 conference in Paris")
    Non-US citizens should complete the above items and also the item
    • If foreign visitor, visa type (or write "Green card" if appropriate)
  • (Non-US citizens only) photocopies of the additional documents
    • visa and I-94 card, or green card
    • passport page showing dates of travel to France

Support from the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche and the European Research Council

Participants selected for ANR/ERC FPSAC'13 support program should have received an envelope with the necessary documentation during the conference. Please, fill in the documentation and send it back to the address mentioned in the instructions.

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