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Publications multipartenaires

  • On the Monniaux Problem in Abstract Interpretation.
    Nathanaël Fijalkow, Engel Lefaucheux, Pierre Ohlmann, Joël Ouaknine, Amaury Pouly, James Worrell.
    International Symposium on Static Analysis, SAS 2019.
  • Complete Semialgebraic Invariant Synthesis for the Kannan-Lipton Orbit Problem.
    Nathanaël Fijalkow, Pierre Ohlmann, Joël Ouaknine, Amaury Pouly, and James Worrell.
    Theory of Computing Systems 63 (2019) 1027-1048.
  • On the Decidability of Reachability in Linear Time-Invariant Systems.
    Nathanaël Fijalkow, Joël Ouaknine, João Sousa-Pinto, Amaury Pouly, and James Worrell.
    International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, HSCC 2019.
  • A q-analog of the Markoff injectivity conjecture holds
    Sébastien Labbé, Mélodie Lapointe, Wolfgang Steiner
    Algebraic Combinatorics 6 (2023), 1677-1685.

Publications monopartenaires

  • Dichotomic Selection on Words: A Probabilistic Analysis
    Ali Akhavi , Julien Clément , Dimitri Darthenay , Loïck Lhote , Brigitte Vallée
    30th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM 2019), Jun 2019, Pisa, Italy. pp.19:1-19:19.
  • A note on double rotations of infinite type
    M. Artigiani, C. Fougeron, P. Hubert, S. Skripchenko
    Trans. Moscow Math. Soc., à paraître. arXiv:2102.11803
  • Reachability in Dynamical Systems with Rounding
    Christel Baier , Florian Funke , Simon Jantsch , Toghrul Karimov , Engel Lefaucheux , et al.
    40th IARCS Annual Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FSTTCS 2020), Dec 2020, Goa, India. pp.36:1--36:17.
  • A characterization of Sturmian sequences by indistinguishable asymptotic pairs
    Sebastián Barbieri, Sébastien Labbé, Štěpán Starosta
    European Journal of Combinatorics 95 (2021) 103318 doi:10.1016/j.ejc.2021.103318, arXiv:2011.08112
  • Indistinguishable asymptotic pairs and multidimensional Sturmian configurations
    Sebastián Barbieri, Sébastien Labbé
    Preprint: arXiv:2204.06413
  • Metallic mean Wang shifts I: self-similarity, aperiodicity and minimality
    Sébastien Labbé
    Preprint: arXiv:2312.03652
  • Dumont-Thomas numeration systems for Z
    Sébastien Labbé, Jana Lepšová
    Preprint: arXiv:2302.14481
  • Markovian properties of continuous group actions: algebraic actions, entropy and the homoclinic group
    Sebastián Barbieri, Felipe García-Ramos, Hanfeng Li
    Advances in Mathematics, 397(108196):1–52, 2022. arXiv:1911.00785
  • Gibbsian representations of continuous specifications: the theorems of Kozlov and Sullivan revisited
    Sebastián Barbieri, Ricardo Gómez, Brian Marcus, Tom Meyerovitch, Siamak Taati
    Communications in Mathematical Physics, 382(2):1111–1164, 2021. arXiv:2001.03880
  • A Robust Class of Linear Recurrence Sequences
    Corentin Barloy, Nathanaël Fijalkow, Nathan Lhote, and Filip Mazowiecki.
    Accepted in the conference Computer Science in Logic (CSL) 2020.
  • Recognizability in S-adic shifts
    Marie-Pierre Béal, Dominique Perrin, Antonio Restivo, and Wolfgang Steiner
    Israel Journal of Mathematics, à paraître. arXiv:2302.06258
  • On decision problems for substitutions in symbolic dynamics
    V. Berthé
    RP20, Reachability problems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12448, Springer 2020, 3-19.
  • On the three distance theorem
    V. Berthé, C. Reutenauer
    The Mathematical Intelligencer, to appear.
  • Recurrence and Frequencies
    V. Berthé, A. Mimouni
    WORDS 2023, LNCS 13899, pp. 11-13, 2023.
  • On substitutions preserving their return sets
    V. Berthé, H. Goulet-Ouellet
    WORDS 2023, LNCS 13899, 2023.
  • Dynamics of Ostrowski skew-product: I. Limit laws and Hausdorff dimensions
    V. Berthé, J.-W. Lee
    Trans. Amer. Math. Soc, 376 (2023), 7947-7982.
  • Lochs-type theorems beyond positive entropy
    V. Berthé, E. Cesaratto, P. Rotondo, M. D. Safe
    Monatsh. Math. 200 (2023), no. 4, 737-779.
  • Multidimensional continued fractions and symbolic codings of toral translations
    V. Berthé, W. Steiner, J. Thuswaldner
    Journal of the European Mathematical Society (JEMS), 25(12) (2023), 4997-5057.
  • Analysis of generalized continued fraction algorithms over polynomials
    V. Berthé, H. Nakada, R. Natsui, B. Vallée
    Finite Fields and Their Applications, 73 (2021), 101849.
  • On the second Lyapunov exponent of some multidimensional continued fraction algorithms
    V. Berthé, W. Steiner, J. Thuswaldner
    Mathematics of computation 90 (2021) 883-905. arXiv:1910.09386
  • The carry propagation of the successor function
    V. Berthé, C. Frougny, M. Rigo, J. Sakarovitch
    Advances in Applied Mathematics 120: 102062 (2020). arXiv:1907.01464
  • Two arithmetical sources and their associated tries
    V. Berthé, E. Cesaratto, F. Paccaut, M. D. Safe, B. Vallée
    AofA 2020, 31st International Conference on Probabilistic, Combinatorial and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms.
  • On the dimension group of unimodular S-adic subshifts
    V. Berthé, P. Cecchi Bernales, F. Durand, J. Leroy, D. Perrin, S.Petite
    Monatshefte für Mathematik 194 (2021) 687-217arXiv:1911.07700
  • Tanaka–Ito α-continued fractions and matching
    Carlo Carminati , Niels Langeveld , Wolfgang Steiner
    Nonlinearity, 2021, 34 (6), pp.3565-3582.
  • Almost everywhere balanced sequences of complexity 2n+1
    Julien Cassaigne, Sébastien Labbé, Julien Leroy
    Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory 11 (2022) 287-333. doi:10.2140/moscow.2022.11.287 Preprint: arXiv:2102.10093
  • Gaussian behaviour of quadratic irrationals
    Eda Cesaratto, Brigitte Vallée
    Acta Arithmetica, In press, 197 (2), pp.159-205.
  • Consistent unsupervised estimators for anchored PCFGs.
    Alexander Clark and Nathanaël Fijalkow
    Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL) 2020.
  • Dynamical properties of simplicial systems and continued fraction algorithms
    C. Fougeron
  • Simplicity of spectrum for certain multidimensional continued fraction algorithms
    C. Fougeron, A. Skripchenko
    Monatshefte für Mathematik (2020). arXiv:1904.13297
  • Cramér distance and discretizations of circle expanding maps I: theory
    Pierre-Antoine Guihéneuf , Maurizio Monge
    Nonlinearity, 2023, 36 (9).
    Preprint arXiv:2206.07991
  • Cramér distance and discretizations of circle expanding maps II: simulations
    Pierre-Antoine Guihéneuf , Maurizio Monge
    Dynamical Systems, 2024, 39, p. 108-140.
    Preprint arXiv:2206.08000
  • Markoff-Lagrange spectrum of one-sided shifts
    Hajime Kaneko, Wolfgang Steiner
    Preprint arXiv:2310.05454
  • A self-similar aperiodic set of 19 Wang tiles
    S. Labbé
    Geometriae Dedicata 201 (2019) 81-109. doi:10.1007/s10711-018-0384-8, arXiv:1802.03265
  • Substitutive structure of Jeandel-Rao aperiodic tilings
    S. Labbé
    Discrete & Computational Geometry 65 (2021) 800-855. doi:10.1007/s00454-019-00153-3, arXiv:1808.07768
  • Markov partition for toral Z2-rotations featuring Jeandel-Rao Wang shift and model sets
    S. Labbé
    Annales Henri Lebesgue 4 (2021) 283-324. doi:10.5802/ahl.73, arXiv:1903.06137
  • Rauzy induction of polygon partitions and toral Z2-rotations
    S. Labbé
    Journal of Modern Dynamics 17 (2021) 481-528. doi:10.3934/jmd.2021017, arXiv:1906.01104
  • A numeration system for Fibonacci-like Wang shifts
    S. Labbé, Jana Lepšová
    In: Lecroq T., Puzynina S. (eds) Combinatorics on Words. WORDS 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12847. Springer, Cham. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-85088-3_9 Preprint arXiv:2105.11898
  • Three characterizations of a self-similar aperiodic 2-dimensional subshift
    S. Labbé
    Preprint arXiv:2012.03892
  • The q-analog of the Markoff injectivity conjecture over the language of a balanced sequence
    Sébastien Labbé, Mélodie Lapointe
    Combinatorial Theory 2 (2022) #9, 25 pages, doi:10.5070/C62156881, arXiv:2106.15886.
  • A Fibonacci analogue of the two's complement numeration system
    Sébastien Labbé, Jana Lepšová
    RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications 57 (2023) 12, 23 pages , doi:10.1051/ita/2023007, Preprint: arXiv:2205.02574
  • Nonexpansive directions in the Jeandel-Rao Wang shift
    Sébastien Labbé, Casey Mann and Jennifer McLoud-Mann
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A, 2023, 43 (9), pp.3213-3250. doi:10.3934/dcds.2023046, Preprint: arXiv:2206.02414
  • On the ergodic theory of Tanaka-Ito type alpha-continued fractions
    Hitoshi Nakada, Wolfgang Steiner
    Tokyo Journal of Mathematics, 2021, 44 (2), pp.451-465. arXiv:2003.05180
  • Factor-balanced S-adic languages
    Léo Poirier, Wolfgang Steiner
    Preprint arXiv:2211.14076
  • Rational self-affine tiles associated to standard and nonstandard digit systems
    Lucía Rossi, Wolfgang Steiner, Jörg Thuswaldner
    Panorama et Synthèses, à paraître. arXiv:2110.09112
  • Thue-Morse-Sturmian words and critical bases for ternary alphabets
    Wolfgang Steiner
    Bulletin de la société mathématique de France, 2020, 148 (4), pp.597-611.
  • The Depoissonisation Quintet: Rice-Poisson-Mellin-Newton-Laplace
    Brigitte Vallée
    29th International Conference on Probabilistic, Combinatorial and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms (AofA 2018).