Combinatorics and interactions

A thematic trimester at the interface between mathematical physics, representation theory and probability

January 9 — March 31, 2017

IHP —Institut Henri Poincaré— Paris

Welcome to the webpage of the thematic trimester combi17. The trimester has now started.

Program of the next weeks

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Below you'll find the complete timeline of the trimester and more general information. The links in the right column give more information on all the events.

Videos/slides of the lectures

The courses (except the one of Zagier) during the trimester and the introductory school are recorded. See here.

Here are also the slides of the first and third lecture of Alexey Bufetov on Integrable Probability.

Workshop timeline (2017)

January 9:Beginning of the trimester
9-13:Introductory School at CIRM near Marseille
organisers: Jérémie Bouttier, Guillaume Chapuy, Enrica Duchi.
16-20: Workshop on large 2D random objects (maps, dimer models, ...)
organisers: Marie Albenque, Cédric Boutillier.
February   20-24:Workshop on Asymptotic representation theory
organisers: Valentin Féray, Pierre-Loïc Méliot.
March 13-17:Workshop on Enumerative Geometry
organisers: Gaëtan Borot, Alessandro Chiodo.
31:End of the trimester.


The main goal of this trimester is to give to researchers in combinatorics the opportunity to meet and work together. More precisely, we aim at gathering people from the three following wide themes:

These three fields share some common features either via the objects they study or the techniques they involve and some collaborations already exist. But we feel that the three communities will benefit from more exchanges and hope that the trimester will reinforce the already existing links and foster new deep interactions.

The trimester includes: and will host many scientists for long and short visits.

Other activities on related topics in Paris

  • February 2nd-March 23rd : master course "Analytic combinatorics and applications" by Timothy Budd in Orsay.
  • Registration and financial support

    Regular registration is now closed. If you are not registered and still want to participate, please contact


    Workshop/school co-organisers Jérémie Bouttier, Cédric Boutillier, Alessandro Chiodo, Enrica Duchi, Pierre-Loïc Méliot.

    Seminar organisers Dan Betea, Dario de Stavola, Norman Do

    Program manager at IHP: Delphine Lepissier and Sylvie Lhermitte,

    Scientific Commitee

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