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Substitutions and continued fractions

Paris, March 7-11, 2016. There will be also a satellite workshop in Lyon, March 14--16, 2016.

This workshop beneficiates from a financial support of GDR IM and ANR FAN.


P. Arnoux, V. Berthé. If you want to participate and for any question, please send an email to


Substitutions are a classical object of symbolic dynamical systems and of word combinatorics. We will focus here on the connections between substitutions and continued fractions.

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  • S. Akiyama
  • P. Arnoux
  • S. Barbieri
  • V. Berthé
  • O. Carton
  • H. Ei
  • C. Frougny
  • M. Hama
  • M. R. Iaco
  • D. H. Kim
  • L. Liao
  • L. Marchese
  • M. Minervino
  • M. Mori
  • H. Nakada
  • F. Nakano
  • R. Natsui
  • S. Ogawa
  • S. Puzynina
  • A. Saito
  • J. Sakarovitch
  • R. Shi
  • W. Steiner
  • J.-i. Tamura
  • R. Yassawi
  • S.-i. Yasutomi
  • H. Yuasa