Florent Foucaud was recruited as a postdoc at LaBRI May 2020--September 2021.

Lan Anh Pham was recruited as a postdoc at IRIF site May 2020--December 2021.

Zhouningxin is supported to complete her Ph.D. at IRIF December 2021--August-2022.

Ph. D.

A Ph.D. position is available to work under supervision of Reza Naserasr, project coordinator at IRIF (regular Ph.D. Salary in France).

A selected Ph.D. candidate will work on one or more of the main topics of the project.

Candidate is expected to be familiar with notions of coloring of graphs and minor theory of graphs.

Research work can be done in either English or French.

To apply for the position you must write to reza at irif dot fr together with copies of your CV, transcript of your master degree and a reference for one ore two recommendation letters from researchers whom you have worked with.

Deadline for application: April 1st, 2019.


A postdoctoral position is available to work in one or more of the subjects of the HOSIGRA project, under the supervision of Eric Sopena at LaBRI, Bordeaux, France (regular postdoc salary in France, which is based on experience).

Candidates must hold a Ph.D. in mathematics or computer science and must have experience of working with graph coloring, graph homomorphisms and graph minors.

Furthermore, candidates are expected to be fluent in English.

To apply, you must write to Eric dot Sopena at labri dot fr , together with the following items:
* CV,
* statement of research interests and/or experience,
* list of publications,
* research proposal (in relation with the HOSIGRA project),
* expected starting date,
* short list of possible references.

Deadline for application: April 1st, 2019.