Mealy machines, automaton (semi)groups,
decision problems and random generation

ANR JCJC 12 JS02 012 01
The project MealyM has been selected by the French National Research Agency as a young researchers project.
It will formally begin on February 1st, 2013 for a fourth-year period.

The project MealyM is centered on automaton (semi)groups, namely (semi)groups generated by Mealy machines. This possible presentation for (semi)groups has been so far mainly studied by mathematics researchers via geometric group theory. It has not yet been exploited by computer science community although it allows to get very sophisticated groups from very small and simple objects which are widely used and studied in computer science. The work will progress along two intertwined axes. Results obtained in both directions will be included into Sage, directly or through GAP.

We intend to foster intensive collaboration among the project members by: