Thibault Godin
Post-doc, University of Montpellier & University of Lorraine


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Published or Accepted:


-On bireversible Mealy automata and the Burnside problem avec/with Ines Klimann ; Theoretical Computer Science 2018, [bibtex].


-Generic properties in some classes of automaton groups ; AUTOMATA 2019.

-A new hierarchy for automaton semigroups avec/with Laurent Bartholdi, Ines Klimann & Matthieu Picantin ; CIAA 2018, [bibtex].

-An Analogue to Dixon's Theorem for Automaton Groups ; ANALCO 2017, [bibtex].

-Connected reversible Mealy automata of prime size cannot generate infinite Burnside groups avec/with Ines Klimann ; MFCS 2016, [bibtex].

-Torsion-Free Semigroups Generated by Invertible Reversible Mealy Automata avec/with Ines Klimann & Matthieu Picantin ; LATA 2015, [bibtex].

Preprints and Work in progress

-Numerical upper bounds on growth of automata groups avec/with Jérémie Brieussel & Bijan Mohammadi ; soumis/submitted. Gap code & Fortran optimization (zip file)

-Boundary action of automaton groups without singular points and Wang tilings avec/with Daniele d'Angeli, Ines Klimann, Matthieu Picantin & Emanuele Rodaro ; soumis/submitted.

-Dahmani group is linear-contracting ; en préparation/in preparation.


-manuscript soutenue/defended on the 13th of July (slides).

Slides, Posters:

-poster summarizing the links between reversibility and the Burnside problem (version en français).


I was a reviewer for CSR, STACS, MFCS and ToCS