What is the knowledge package?

The knowledge package is a LaTeX package that helps handling semantical notions in (scientific) documents. It tries to offer a usable access to one of the key advantages of the computer world: hyperlinks. It is very simple to create hyperlinks inside a document, or outside a document using the hyperref package, however, it is not easy to use if one wants to construct complicated dependencies and cross references. The knowledge package is here for that, and more.

The best experience for the reader is obtained using a good pdf-viewer. It should follow precise links (jumping to a specific location in a page is not the same as jumping to the beginning of the page). Also, some viewers (such as skim for mac) offer a preview of the target when hovering over a link.

Using it

It can be found on CTAN. Make sure you use the latest LaTeX distribution, and everything should work.


Bug reports and more generally feedbacks are welcome. I am also ready to change the way the package is developed and distributed if someone is interested in participating.

Linked projects

Rémi Morvan has initiated the project knowledge-clustering which is a python script which makes the use the knowledge package much faster by suggesting the grouping of knowledge, as well as inserting the knowledge commands in the code.


Here are some documents that were produced using the knowledge package.


The most reliable resource is hosted at CTAN (the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network). As a consequence, the package is naturally updated with your LaTeX distribution connected to it (texlive, mactex and protext). You may want to force an update of the packages of your distribution to have access to the latest features.


Many persons have been helpful in the conception of this package, through discussions, testing and bug reports. Let me cite Dietmar Berwanger, Michaël Cadilhac, Arnaud Carayol, Antonio Casares, Tomáš Hejda, Andreas Krebs, Patrick Lambein, Aliaume Lopez, Rémi Morvan, Charles Paperman, Sylvain Perifel, Jean-Éric Pin, Gabriele Puppis, Daniela Petrişan, Luca Reggio, Fabian Reiter, Léo Stefanesco, Sylvain Schmitz, Rebecca Turner and Marc Zeitoun.