Mikaël Rabie

Tel 0609467256

Maître de Conférences at IRIF - Université Paris Cité, 2020-.

Bureau 4021
8 place Aurélie Nemours
75013 Paris

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Research Team:

I have a position at IRIF - Université Paris Cité, in the Distributed computing team.

Teaching Support:

MPRI Course 2.18.1
Session 5 - Port-Numbering Network
Session 6 - Speed Up Technique
Session 12 - Complexity Classes
Session 13 - LOCAL Algorithms


The Power of Weaknesses,
what can be computed with Populations, Protocols and Machines

Main Domains: Complexity, Computability, Distributed Computation.
Thesis Document PDF
Under the supervision of Olivier Bournez

PhD Students:


  • Olivier Bournez, Jérémie Chalopin, Johanne Cohen, Xavier Koegler and Mikaël Rabie, Computing with pavlovian populations, in OPODIS 2011.
  • Shlomi Dolev, Panagiota N. Panagopoulou, Mikaël Rabie, Elad Michael Schiller and Paul G. Spirakis, Rationality authority for provable rational behavior, brief announcement, in PODC 2011.
  • Marin Bougeret, Henri Casanova, Mikaël Rabie, Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien, Checkpointing strategies for parallel jobs, in HPC 2011.
  • Olivier Bournez, Jonas Lefèvre, and Mikaël Rabie, Trustful population protocols, in DISC 2013.
  • Olivier Bournez, Johanne Cohen, and Mikaël Rabie, Homonym population protocols, in NETYS 2015.
  • Mikaël Rabie, Local vs Global computation: Fast computing with identifiers, in SIROCCO 2017 (short version in SSS 2016).
  • Marthe Bonamy, Paul Ouvrard, Mikaël Rabie, Jara Uitto, and Jukka Suomela, Distributed Recoloring, in DISC 2018.
  • Keren Censor-Hillel, and Mikaël Rabie, Distributed Reconfiguration of Maximal Independent Sets, arXiv:1810.02106, in ICALP 2019 (Best Paper).
  • Alkida Balliu, Sebastian Brandt, Yi-Jun Chang, Dennis Olivetti, Mikaël Rabie, and Jukka Suomela, The distributed complexity of locally checkable problems on paths is decidable, arXiv:1811.01672, in PODC 2019 (Best Paper).
  • Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier, Pierre Fraigniaud, and Mikaël Rabie, Distributed Computing in the Asynchronous LOCAL model, arXiv:1904.07664, brief announcement, in SSS 2019.
  • Gewu Bu, Maria Potop-Butucaru, and Mikaël Rabie, Wireless Broadcast with short labels, arXiv:1901.08919, in NETYS 2019.
  • Nicolas Bousquet, Laurent Feuilloley, Marc Heinrich, Mikaël Rabie, Distributed recoloring of interval and chordal graphs, arXiv:2109.06021, in OPODIS 2021.
  • Pierre Fraigniaud, Patrick Lambein, Mikaël Rabie, Fault Tolerant Coloring of the Asynchronous Cycle, arXiv:2207.11198, in DISC 2022.
  • Johanne Cohen, Laurence Pilard, Mikaël Rabie, Jonas Sénizergues, Making Self-Stabilizing any Locally Greedy Problem, arXiv:2208.14700, in SAND 2023.
  • Swan Dubois, Laurent Feuilloley, Franck Petit, Mikaël Rabie, When Should You Wait Before Updating?: Toward a Robustness Refinement, in SAND 2023 (Best Paper).
  • Michel Habib, Minh-Hang Nguyen, Mikaël Rabie, Laurent Viennot, Forbidden Patterns in Temporal Graphs Resulting from Encounters in a Corridor, arXiv:2302.07666, in SSS 2023.


Master degree from MPRI in 2011.
PhD from Université Polytechnique, prepared in the LIX, with Olivier Bournez, defended on the 31st of August 2015.
ATER (assistant professor) at Paris Dauphine (2015-2016).
ATER (assistant professor) at ENS Lyon (2016-2017).
Postdoc at Aalto University (2017-2018).
Postdoc at IRIF, Paris 7 (2019).
Postdoc at LIP6, Sorbonne Université (2019-2020).
Maître de Conférences at IRIF, Université Paris Cité (2020-).

Fluent in French (mother tongue) and English.