Research themes

The main objective of the Distributed Computing team's research is the design and analysis of distributed algorithms, namely algorithms designed for a set of computing entities collaborating in the resolution of a task in the absence of global coordination. The distributed systems considered can obviously come from computer technology (multi-core, cloud, P2P networks, blockchain, etc.), but can also be related to biology (insect colony, cell networks, etc.), or even humanities (social networks, small worlds, etc.). The team's work therefore focuses on most of the fundamental models of distributed computing, from shared-memory models to message-passing models (in static or dynamic networks), in which the processes are potentially subject to different forms of failures or attacks, and in which the computing and communication capabilities may be restricted. The team is also conducting research on the design of distributed data structures for large-scale networks, typically related to navigation, routing, distance calculation, etc.

The applications of the research carried out within the team relate mainly to network science, complex systems, biological systems, transportation networks, and blockchain based systems. Several members of the team are also members of the Inria GANG project-team, the objective of which is the development of algorithmic methods for the design and control of large-scale networks.

Distributed network computing, as well as the design of distributed data structures, is very closely related to results in graph theory, and often aims at the distributed solution of classical graph problems. The team therefore maintains very close links with the team Theory and algorithmics of graphs at IRIF. Similarly, techniques for designing distributed algorithms are often based on the adaptation of sequential algorithms to distributed models. The team therefore also maintains very close links with the Algorithms and Complexity team at IRIF.


The scientific talks by members or guests of the team take place as part of one of the following weekly seminars: Seminar Theory and algorithmics of graphs and Seminar Algorithms and Complexity

Permanent members

Behr Nicolas @ 01 57 27 92 24 4030 Research Scientist PPS , ASD preuves , distribue
Boufkhad Yacine @ 01 57 27 94 05 4018 Associate Professor ASD gang , distribue
De Montgolfier Fabien @ 01 57 27 92 21 4029a Associate Professor ASD gang , graphes , distribue
Delporte Carole @ 01 57 27 92 25 4006 Professor - directrice adjointe UFR informatique ASD gang , distribue
Fauconnier Hugues @ 01 57 27 92 25 4006 Professor - directeur de l'UFR informatique ASD gang , distribue
Fraigniaud Pierre @ 01 57 27 92 60 4019 Senior Research Scientist - CNRS ASD algocomp , distribue , gang
Habib Michel @ 01 57 27 94 42 3042a Professor Emeritus ASD gang , graphes , distribue
Korman Amos @ 01 57 27 94 06 4028 Senior Research Scientist - CNRS ASD algocomp , distribue
Krivine Jean @ 01 57 27 93 38 4026 Research Scientist - CNRS PPS , ASD preuves , systemes , distribue
Rabie Mikael @ 4008b Associate Professor ASD distribue
Viennot Laurent @ 01 57 27 92 50 3016 Senior Research Scientist - INRIA ASD gang , graphes , distribue

Non-permanent members