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Rebooting meeting - June 2021

After 1.5 year of pandemic, we reboot the meetings of the project at IRIF (on site). This will be a 2-day meeting on June 30-July 1st at IRIF.

List of confirmed project participants (to be updated):

  • ATOS: Simon Martiel, Arthur Braida
  • IRIF: El Amine Cherrat, Simona Etinski, Pierre Fraigniaud, Sander Gribling, Yassine Hamoudi, Jonas Landman, Sophie Laplante, Maël Luce, Frédéric Magniez, Yixin Shen, Daniel Szilagyi
  • LaBRI: Stéphane Dartois, Cyril Gavoille, Yvan Le Borgne, Gilles Zémor (IMB)
  • LIP6: Armando Angrisani, Léo Colisson, Elham Kashefi
  • Open to members of IRIF

Program (June 30-July 1, 2021, room 3052 at IRIF, U. Paris) (to be announced)

  • 30/06, 11h: Gilles Zemor (IMB), Recent development on quantum error correcting codes
  • 30/06, 12h: Simon Martiel (ATOS), Quantum circuit compilation via lazy operator synthesis
  • 30/06, 14h30: Armando Angrisani (LIP6), Differential Privacy in Quantum Computation
  • 30/06, 15h30: Sander Gribling (IRIF), Quantum algorithms for matrix scaling
  • 30/06, 16h30: Arthur Braida (ATOS), Locality and approximation in quantum annealing (ongoing work)
  • 01/07, 9h30: Maël Luce (IRIF), Quantum distributed computing (survey talk)
  • 01/07, 10h30: Pierre Fraigniaud (IRIF), Distributed Quantum Proofs for Replicated Data
  • 01/07, 13h30: Stéphane Dartois (LaBRI), PPT criterion for random symmetric quantum states: A graph polynomial approach
  • 01/07, 14h30: Simona Etinski (IRIF), Security of code-based cryptography

Thematic meeting - December 2019

The third meeting is organized on December 11 morning at LaBRI. It will have two sessions one on quantum machine learning and one on quantum error correcting codes. In addition, there will be the PhD defense of Ghazal KACHIGAR from LaBRI on December 10 afternoon.

List of confirmed project participants:

  • ATOS: Simon MARTIEL, Maxime REMAUD
  • IRIF: Frédéric MAGNIEZ, Daniel SZILAGYI
  • LaBRI: Nathanaël Fijalkow, Cyril GAVOILLE, Gilles ZÉMOR (IMB)
  • Open to members of LaBRI

Program (December 11, 2019, room 76 at LaBRI, U. Bordeaux)

  • 09h10: "Neural Program Synthesis" (Nathanaël FIJALKOW, LaBRI, Bordeaux)
  • 09h50: Apprentissage/classification quantique (Daniel SZILAGYI, Paris)
  • 10h40: Le quantique chez Atos (Simon MARTUIEL, Atos)
  • 11h20: Codes quantiques, (Gilles ZÉMOR (IMB) IMB, Bordeaux)

Thematic meeting - February 2019

The second meeting is organized on February 20-21, 2019 at IRIF. It focusses essentially on quantum distributed computing. The format of the workshop will consists of talks/lectures followed by 1/2 hour of joint brain storming session on related research directions.

List of confirmed project participants:

  • ATOS: Bertrand MARCHAND
  • IRIF: Pierre FRAIGNIAUD, Frédéric MAGNIEZ, Ami PAZ, Anupam PRAKASH
  • LaBRI: Ghazal KACHIGAR
  • Guests from Japan: François LE GALL (Kyoto University), Taisuke IZUMI (Nagoya Institute of Technology)


Kickoff meeting - January 2019

The official kickoff meeting is on January 10, 2019 at IRIF.

List of speakers and topics: