IRIF (CNRS and Université Paris Cité), Paris, France, participates in various programs to welcome visitors for either short or long periods, for instance for spending a sabbatical year. Every year, about 30 academics visit IRIF for a least 1 month. IRIF hosts visiting researchers of many levels of expertise working in the foundations of computer science, from short periods to several months.

IRIF (Institute for Research in Foundations of Computer Science) is a joint laboratory of the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and Université Paris Cité created in 2016 as the merger of the former laboratories LIAFA and PPS. Currently, it hosts about 90 permanent faculty members, 40 non-permanent full-time researchers, and 50 Ph.D. students.

The research conducted at IRIF is based on the study and understanding of the foundations of all areas of computer science. Such research work relies on mathematical concepts developed and studied within it, but it also contributes directly to mathematics. Typical areas include but are not limited to: algorithms, their design and analysis, automata theory and applications, combinatorics, complex systems, complexity, computational formalisms, distributed computation, foundations of programming languages, interactive proof assistants, graph theory and its algorithms, logic, networks, quantum computing, software development, systems modeling and verification. For further information about IRIF please refer to our presentation of IRIF.

How to get funded

The visits at IRIF are financed either by IRIF ressources or research grants, or by joint applications of IRIF members and the candidates to outside funding agencies with which IRIF is affiliated. Among these, the most prominent are:

  • IRIF ressources and research grants for usually a couple of weeks or months. No deadline.
  • Visiting researcher program of Université Paris Cité for usually a one month stay. The deadline is usually in Spring.
  • FSMP Distinguished Professor Fellowship for a two-to-three month stay, to promote, as a matter of priority new collaborations and/or interactions. There is a recurrent deadline every 3 months.
  • FSMP Chairs allow outstanding foreign scientists to be hosted from 4 to 12 months. The deadline is usually in Fall.
  • Blaise Pascal Chairs allow outstanding foreign scientists to be hosted from for at least 12 months. The deadline is usually in Spring.
  • Marie Curie Individual Fellowships are also a great option for experienced researchers from across the world for a visit of at least 12 months. The deadline is usually in Summer.
  • Pause Program of Collège de France protects and hosts scientists and artists who are prevented from pursuing their activities in their country of origin. The deadline is usually in September.

It is recommended, prior to applying, to contact one or more permanent members of IRIF, those closest to the potential candidate's area, in order to get more information, or to be funded by the ressources of the laboratory.