Group leader: Sylvie Corteel

Research interests

The combinatorics team is specialized in enumerative, bijective, algebraic and analytic combinatorics.

The members of the team are interested in combinatorial structures coming from problems in computer science, mathematics or physics. We use bijections, generating functions, random generation algorithms and asymptotic techniques to solve these problems. The team is specialized in enumerating combinatorial objects like partitions, permutations, trees, maps, graphs and polyominos. On all these themes, we focus on the enumerative aspect but we also interact with number theory, combinatorial physics and probabilities.


Betea Dan Post-Doctorant.e Mail
Chapuy Guillaume 01 57 27 92 49 4038 Chargé.e de recherche Mail
Corteel Sylvie 01 57 27 94 04 4012 Directeur.rice de recherche Mail
DUCHI Enrica Maître.sse de conférence Mail
Delcroix-Oger Berenice Maître.sse de conférence Mail
Dervieux Clement 01 57 27 92 52 4057 Doctorant.e Mail
Konan Isaac 4059 Doctorant.e avec mission d'enseignement Mail
Lovejoy Jeremy Chargé.e de recherche Mail
Mantaci Roberto Maître.sse de conférence Mail
Micheli Anne 01 57 27 94 38 4003 Maître.sse de conférence Mail
Nunzi François Doctorant.e avec mission d'enseignement Mail
Poulalhon Dominique 01 57 27 94 38 4003 Maître.sse de conférence Mail
Ravelomanana Vlady 01 57 27 94 37 4002 Professeur.e Mail