Major software

Other software

  • CELIA · Plugin for static analysis and verification of C programs with dynamic lists
  • Equations · Function definition by dependent pattern-matching and (well-founded) recursion in Coq
  • Js_of_ocaml · Compiler of OCaml bytecode in Javascript
  • Knowledge · LaTeX package for the easy management of internal and external hyperlinks in a document
  • Lwt · OCaml library for cooperative threads
  • Menhir · Generator of OCaml parsers
  • Morbig · Parser for POSIX shell
  • Rewr · Library for algebraic rewriting
  • Semigroupe · Computation of finite semigroups
  • Shncpd · Implementation of a large subset of the Homenet protocol stack with minimal dependencies
  • SPEN · Solver for separation logic entailments
  • Vaucanson-g · LaTeX macro package for drawing automata
  • Catex · LaTeX tool to produce string diagrams for morphisms in free strict monoidal categories
  • Dune · Dune is a build system for OCaml
  • SerAPI · Library for machine-to-machine interaction, now replaced by Coq LSP
  • Equations · Equations provides a notation for writing programs by dependent pattern-matching and (well-founded) recursion in Coq
  • Dose3 · Library and collection of tools to perform la large spectrum of analysis on package repositories
  • ReSMT · An implementation of compositional rewriting theory algorithms