Research themes

The research of the team Theory and Algorithms of Graphs are concerned with structural properties of graphs, and the conception of efficient algorithms for these structures.

More specifically, the team has a strong expertise on the structural properties of hereditary classes of graphs (with respect to the partial order of induced subgraphs as well as minor or homomorphism). A frequent approach for these questions is to look for so-called decomposition theorems for such classes. In this setting, it is relevant to find efficient algorithms for such decompositions, to get good recognition algorithms but also to get polynomial algorithms for problems that would be in general NP-Hard. Another topic the team is strongly attached to is the notion of graph colouring. More recently, the team has been involved in projects related to applications of graph algorithms to biology and biochemistry, and also to the topic of Graphs Limits (and limits of strucutres in general).

The domains of applications of the team researchs are mainly related to the conception of new protocols for P2P networks and the analysis of various type of social networks (web graph, small world graphs, etc.). Several members of the team are thus members of INRIA project GANGwhose objective is to develop algorithmic methods for the conception and the control of large scale networks.


Blanchard Nicolas @ 4001 Doctorant.e ASD compsys , graphes
CRESCENZI Pierluigi @ Membre associé.e ASD compsys , graphes
Chapuy Guillaume @ 01 57 27 92 49 4038 Chargé.e de recherche - CNRS ASD combi , graphes
Charbit Pierre @ 0157279224 4030 Maître.sse de conférence ASD gang , graphes
Feuilloley Laurent @ 3010 Doctorant.e ASD compsys , gang , graphes
Habib Michel @ 01 57 27 94 42 3042a Professeur.e ASD gang , compsys , graphes
Mitsou Valia @ 4059 ATER ASD graphes
NASERASR Reza @ 01 57 27 92 24 4030 Chargé.e de recherche - CNRS ASD graphes
Planche Leo @ 4018 Doctorant.e ASD graphes
Ravelomanana Vlady @ 01 57 27 94 44 3025 Professeur.e ASD combi , graphes
Schabanel Nicolas @ 01 57 27 92 41 4008b Membre associé.e - Associé à l'IRIF ASD compsys , graphes
Viennot Laurent @ 01 57 27 92 50 3016 Directeur.rice de recherche - INRIA ASD gang , compsys , graphes
Wang Zhouningxin @ 3055 Doctorant.e ASD graphes
ZOU Mengchuan @ 4057 Doctorant.e ASD gang , compsys , graphes
de Montgolfier Fabien @ 01 57 27 92 32 4018 Maître.sse de conférence ASD gang , compsys , graphes