Modeling and verification

Group leader: Ahmed Bouajjani

Research interests

The research activities of the Modeling and Verification team address the development of algorithmic approaches to system verification, from theoretical foundations to innovative verification tools.

The applications are in a wide spectrum including distributed algorithms, dynamic networks of communicating processes, real-time systems, safety critical embedded systems, programs with complex data structures, concurrent programs, etc.

The adopted approaches are in general based on the use of (1) formal models describing the behaviors of the systems at some abstraction level, (2) formal specifications describing the properties that these systems should satisfy, and (3) algorithmic methods for either establishing the correctness, or detecting illegal behaviors, of a system with respect to its specification.

The models and specification formalisms are in general either automata-based (finite-state automata, pushdown automata, timed or counter automata, etc.) or logic-based (temporal logics, monadic first/second order logics, fixpoint calculi, etc.), and verification problems are often reduced to decision problems for these formalisms such as reachability/language emptiness for the automata, satisfiability/validity for the logics, winning strategies for games, etc. The main issues concern the decidability and the complexity of these problems, as well as the development of efficient verification techniques based on (upper/lower) refinable approximate analysis.

The team has competences in infinite-state verification, verification/synthesis of timed and hybrids systems, temporal logics, games and model-checking, quantitative model-checking, program verification.


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