A position as an Administrative and Financial Manager is available.

General Information

Institute: INS2I - Institute of Information Sciences and their Interactions
Corps: T - Research Technician
BAP: J - Management and Steering
Function Group: Group 2


Carry out administrative and financial management tasks in accordance with the techniques, rules, and procedures applicable to the fields of financial and accounting management, and human resources.

  • Participate in the administrative, financial, and/or human resources management of the structure
  • Process files by verifying legal, administrative, and financial compliance
  • Collect and verify the supporting documents required for management operations
  • Enter data, and check their validity and coherence
  • Monitor credits by type of expense or operation
  • Organize, update, and maintain dashboards related to administrative and financial management, and extract data from information systems
  • Record budget data
  • File and archive documents and supporting evidence of financial and accounting operations
  • Participate in the implementation of procedures related to human resources management
  • Ensure administrative and budgetary follow-up of fixed-term contract recruitments
  • Provide logistical support (premises, equipment, supplies) for the activities of a service, events (conferences, meetings, seminars, symposia)
  • Respond to information requests from other services and external sources
  • Select and disseminate information internally and externally
  • Keep informed of and monitor changes in regulations in their field of activity
  • Document applicable procedures in their field


  • Administrative and financial management techniques and budget rules
  • Functioning of public administrations, environment, and professional networks
  • Public law
  • Public finance
  • English language: B1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)


  • Mastery of budgetary and financial information systems (e.g., GESLAB, SIFAC, etc.)
  • Analyze financial data
  • Apply rules in financial and human resources management
  • Execute and monitor expenses
  • Manage activities within a complex schedule and management framework
  • Implement procedures and rules
  • Communicate effectively and teach
  • Meet deadlines
  • Report on activities

Interpersonal skills:

  • Organizational skills
  • Rigorousness / Reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to report
Work Context

The Institute for Fundamental Computer Science Research (IRIF) is a mixed research unit with two main supervisory authorities, CNRS and Université Paris Cité, and hosts a joint Inria project team. The laboratory has about 200 members, including researchers, teacher-researchers, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, engineers, technicians, and administrative staff. The research conducted at IRIF focuses on the study and understanding of the fundamentals of computer science to provide innovative solutions to current and future digital science challenges. IRIF hosts more than 50 national and European research projects. It leads the PCQC research federation, the GDR IFM (about 2000 members spread across more than 100 units), 1 international research laboratory, and 8 international research projects. Finally, IRIF is the origin of several initiatives regarding quality of life at work, adopted elsewhere in France (Unit Charter, childcare program, selection committee charter, mentoring program, breastfeeding room) stemming from various committees.

The recruited person will join an administrative team consisting of 3 managers, 1 financial manager, and 1 general secretary. They will interact with all the teams and services of the laboratory, as well as the various administrative services of the supervisory authorities. They will be responsible for the administrative and financial management of a portfolio of research contracts.

The position is located at the IRIF premises, on the Grands Moulins campus of Université Paris Cité, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

For more information about the position, please see this page.

A position for a Software Development Research Engineer is available.


General Information

Contract Type: Technical/Administrative Fixed-Term Contract
Contract Duration: 24 months and possible tenure at the end
Expected Start Date: July 1, 2024 or later
Salary: €2293 to €2959 gross per month depending on experience


Lead the project management of projects in one or more phases of the life cycle: analysis, design, development, testing, integration, deployment in accordance with the specifications, standards, and security rules for the Institute of Fundamental Computer Science Research (IRIF), UMR8243.


Main Activities:

  • Manage the project throughout its life cycle
  • Analyze requirements and participate in the development of the project's functional specifications
  • Conduct technological watch related to the application domain and domain experts
  • Development
  • Ensure the design of the solution through in-depth expertise
  • Define software architecture
  • Develop and perform tests
  • Integration
  • Implement application packaging activities for deployment on one or more operating sites
  • Configure continuous integration servers for compilation, testing, packaging, and automatic deployment
  • Deployment
  • Write and update technical and functional documentation


  • Project management and software engineering principles (in-depth knowledge)
  • Programming, in-depth knowledge (functional programming, system, network, scripts…)
  • GNU/Linux system administration
  • Familiarity with the process and methods of computer science research
  • Software development tools (collaborative use of git, CI/CD, Docker, etc.)
  • Information systems and communication security
  • English/French B2 level


  • Project management (expertise)
  • Apply domain techniques
  • Implement a quality approach (expertise)
  • Evaluate a solution
  • Ability to work in a network and remotely
  • Conduct technological watch

Soft Skills:

  • Autonomy
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
Work Environment

IRIF is a mixed research unit (UMR 8243) between the CNRS and the University of Paris Cité, which hosts an Inria project team. Research at IRIF is based on the study and understanding of the foundations of all computer science, in order to provide innovative solutions to current and future challenges in digital sciences.

For more information about the position, please do not hesitate to contact direction+irsd@irif.fr.