The Unit is committed to sustainable development, and ensures that environmental impacts are taken into account in its general operations. Unit members are encouraged to consider the environmental impact of their professional activities and research work.

Article 22 on sustainable development of IRIF's internal regulations

Conferences and similar events (workshops, colloquia, etc) play an essential role in disseminating knowledge and establishing collaborations between researchers. In computer science, they often also act as the main publication venues, ahead of journals, and convey prestige. In practice, it is customary in the organization of conferences to bind the meeting and publishing roles and require authors to attend conferences in person.

However, systematically attending events in person can be problematic or challenging for several reasons (environmental impact, work/life balance, accessibility, etc.). At the same time, avoiding submitting to publishing events can induce a loss of opportunities for researchers, particularly in the early stages of their careers.

IRIF supports the policy of not requiring mandatory on-site presentation of published accepted papers and encourages all conference organizers to do the same.

Thus, IRIF stands by researchers who have a paper accepted to a conference but decide not to travel, or are not able to, in order to give them an equal opportunity to disseminate their works as part of the conference proceedings. Support letters will be sent if needed, cosigned by the direction of IRIF. Moreover, IRIF will prioritize its financial sponsorship and logistical support for the organization of events that comply with this policy.

Text approved by the lab council, October 10th, 2023.

All trips should be made by train rather than by airplane when
- the total travel time by train is 5 hours or less,
- or at most 1 hour longer than by airplane;
A justification will be requested in the opposite case.

Decision of the lab council, October 14th, 2020.

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