Un poste vacant :

Ingénieur·e de recherche

Contrat à Durée Déterminée 12 mois

Contact dagand@irif.fr

Date prise de fonction 1er Décembre 2021


This software engineer position offers to assist the PPL research group in the development, maintenance and maturation of the research prototypes developed in the pôle. One such project is the CDuce programming language. CDuce has been under development since 2005. It has been a formidable research vehicle to study and showcase semantic subtyping. It could now benefit from a major refactoring both in terms of code (moving away from outdated libraries and toward modern idioms) as well as its distribution process (streamlining software building and packaging).

Another project is the Usuba compiler. Usuba is a high-level programming language together with a compiler targeting both high-end SIMD microprocessors and lightweight embedded microcontrollers. This research prototype has demonstrated that efficient code can be produced from high-level descriptions of cryptographic primitives. However, the compiler is in a dire need of a refactoring in order to improve its usability by cryptographers, who are unlikely to be compiler experts and need an integrated, turn-key programming environment



We are looking for someone interested in functional programming in general and with some experience in OCaml in particular. This position will entail some amount of refactoring and modernizing of legacy code: being able to cope with the code quality of an academic prototype is a plus.


  • fluent in OCaml and its ecosystem (opam, dune, etc.)
  • familiarity with a scripting language (Perl, Python)
  • familiarity with the GNU/Linux operating system
  • familiarity with container technology (Docker) is a plus


  • being self-driven to improve the quality of software
  • an ability to work in a team