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Research themes

The research topics addressed by the team Distributed algorithms and graphs cover the following fields: graph algorithms and distributed computing.

The team possesses a strong expertise in algorithmic for graph decomposition, and in the design and analysis of algorithms dedicated to graph families with specific properties such as hyperbolic metrics, doubling metrics, or fixed minor excluding. In addition, the team covers most of the topics in distributed computing, from the fault tolerant theory (consensus, leader election, failure detectors, etc.) to network computing (routing, compact labeling, coloring, spanners, etc.).

The application domains of the team are mostly related to the design of protocols for peer-to-peer networks, and to the analysis of various types of social networks (Web graph, acquaintance network, small worlds, etc.). Part of the team members are actually also members of the INRIA project GANG whose objective is to develop algorithmic methods for the design and management of large networks.

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