Friday 06 November and Monday 09 November 2020.

Friday 6, morning

Session 1 (chair Amaury Pouly):

9:30 Thomas Colcombet: Welcome
9:45 Amélie Gheerbrant: Property graph databases
10:00 Anantha Padmanabha: Consistent query answering for Self join queries
10:15 Paul-André Melliès: Higher-Order Parity Automata and Regular Languages of Infinitary Lambda-Terms
10:30 Olivier Carton: Ambiguïté et mots infinis

(pause 15 minutes)

Session 2 (chair Paul-André Melliès):

11:00 Antonio Casares Santos: Optimal transformations of Muller conditions
11:15 Pierre Ohlmann: A symmetric progress measure algorithm for parity games
11:30 Valerie  Berthe: Balance in word combinatorics
11:45 Wolfgang Steiner: Strong convergence of multidimensional continued fraction algorithms
12:00 Amaury Pouly: Reachability, Invariants and control in linear dynamical systems

Monday 9, afternoon

Session 3 (chair Sam Van Gool):

14:00 Cristina Sirangelo: Query rewriting over incomplete data
14:15 Edwin Hamel: Language Operations: an Algebraic Point of View
14:30 Arthur Jaquard: A Complexity Approach to Tree Algebras
14:45 Mélodie Lapointe: Some free group automorphisms
15:00 Max Michel: Time&Space as an execution path of a uniform very fine grain structure

(pause 15 minutes)

Session 4 (chair Valérie Berthé):

15:30 Irène Guessarian: Congruence preservation
15:45 Christian Choffrut: Equational theory of ordinals as additive group with omega product
16:00 Sylvain Schmitz : Pre-spectral spaces
16:15 Sam van Gool: Residuation
16:30 Daniela Petrisan: Learning with categories